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WormBook is a comprehensive, open-access collection of original, peer-reviewed chapters covering topics related to the biology of Caenorhabditis elegans and other nematodes. Wormbook also contains: WormMethods, a collection of protocols for nematode researchers; WormHistory, personal perspectives on C. elegans research; and the Worm Breeder's Gazette, an informal, non-refereed, biannual newsletter for the interchange of ideas and information related to C. elegans and other nematodes.
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News and Notes
August 5 2014
Mechanosensation methods updated
Assaying mechanosensation, by Martin Chalfie, Anne Hart, Catharine Rankin, and Miriam Goodman, has been published in the Behavioral assays section of WormMethods. In addition to updating and expanding assays for a variety of touch responses, the new chapter describes mechanical stimulation during electrical or optical recording.
June 26 2014
Mass spectrometry chapter available in WormMethods
Mass spectrometry-based shotgun proteomic analysis of C. elegans protein complexes, by Bryan Fonslow, James Moresco, Patricia Tu, Antti Aalto, Amy Pasquinelli, Andrew Dillin and John Yates, has been published in the Cell and molecular biology section of WormMehtods. This chapter describes the use of mass spectrometry-based shotgun proteomics coupled with co-immunoprecipitation to discover new interactions among proteins.
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